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Swords and Large Knives

Merlin Sword

 Merlin Sword
 40-3/4"L, 31-1/4" brush finished blade. Cast metal handle with medieval design guards and pommel. Black leather sheath.

Paranha Bowie - $14.95  Deer Valley Bowie - 19.95$
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Guardian Sword
( Shown above, middle )
 31-1/4"L, 22" brush finished blade. Decorative dragon head hilt and metal handle with oriental escutcheon pommel. Metal scabbard with matching escutcheon inlays.
 Deer Valley Bowie
( Shown above, right )
 15"L, 9-1/4" brush finished blade with partial serrated spine. Black rubberized handle with black chrome decorative guard, partial hilt and pommel. Black nylon sheath.

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