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Free Knife
It's simple! We don't have any sneaky gimmicks that are going to give us free advertisement while cheating you out of a knife.  All you have to do to is complete this easy list and the knife is yours!
1.  Send this webpage to 15 friends through "Tell your 
      friends" link below.
2.  Sign guestbook on main page and list all 15 of your 
      friends email addresses.  Tell them to sign the  
      guestbook so you can get your free knife and be sure
      to let them know how they can get one too.
3.  As soon as your friends sign the guestbook, we'll send 
      your free knife.  All you have to pay is shipping and 
      handling, but we only have 5 knives to give away, so 
      only the first 5 people to do this get a free knife.  If 
      you're too late, you can still do this and get 10% off
      of any lockblade knife.    

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