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We've got Knives!


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Best Deals

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Only $2.42 a piece!
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  Only  $249

Astonishing 103-Piece Knife Assortment

With 103 total pieces at $249, that mean each piece is less than $2.42!  Including the sword, which sells for almost $40!
Instead of getting this sword for $39.95 by itself,
get it with your set for only $2.42!
Save $37.53 on the sword and

Want to make some extra money?
  Do it buy selling these knives.  For example, when you buy a set of 103 knives for only $249, that gives you a total purchasing cost of only $2.42 a knife.  If you were to turn around and sell the same exact knives for at least $10 each, you would earn at least $1,030!  That is considering that you sell the Merlin Sword for only $10.
With this simple plan, it's just easy!
We will be adding more sets in the future so you can make money with those, just the same!

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100-piece set

Great Prices on All Knives!

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Swords and Large Knives