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103 Piece Collection Set

Great Deal!

Merlin Sword

Save $37.53 on the sword and

  • 40-1/2"L Medusa Sword with 31"L mirror-polished, stainless steel blade, embossed, polished, goldtone handle with three simulated emeralds on each side, black leather sheath with belt loop
  • 16"L Spotted Elk Bowie with 10-1/2"L stainless steel, full-tang blade with notched top curved belly and guard built into blade's design, red, green and gold stained wood handle, black nylon sheath with belt clip
  • 16"L Black Buffalo with 10"L stainless steel, full-tang blade, red, green and gold-stained wood pattern handle, black nylon sheath with belt loop and leg cord
  • (4) Chef Master Steak Knives (9-3/4"L with 4-3/4"L blade) - stainless steel blade with serrated edge and well-balanced hardwood handle (dishwasher safe)
  • (12) 9"L Tomcat Black Folding Knives with 4-1/2"L stainless steel combo blades, black plastic handles with clips, lock-back mechanism, black nylon sheath
  • (12)8-1/2"L Park Ranger II with 3-3/4"L stainless steel serrated blade, black rubber handle, lock-back handle, black nylon sheath
  • (12) 7-3/4"L Scorpion Plain Folding Knives with 3-1/2"L stainless steel, curved, serrated blades, black plastic handles, belt clip, lock-back mechanism
  • (12) 7-3/4"L Road Runner Folding Knives with 3-1/2"L stainless steel serrated/smooth blades, black plastic handle with ivory-colored scrimshaw style wild bead scene
  • (12)5"L Little Gator folding knives with 2-1/2"L stainless steel serrated/smooth blade, thumb hole, black handle, belt clip, lock-back mechanism
  • (12) 5"L Army Knives with 2-1/2"L stainless steel smooth blades, file, sawing blade, scissors, tweezers, toothpick, black plastic handle, lock-back
  • (12) 4-3/4"L Fire Fly Lock-Back Knives with 2-1/8"L stainless steel blades, black plastic handle
  • (12) 4-1/4"L Mini-Eagle Knives with 1-3/4"L stainless steel serrated blade, black plastic handle with key chain, lock-back
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  • Save $37.53 on the sword and Order Now!